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Register and Use

How do I register as an artist with Artdunia?

Registering and affiliation with Artdunia is an easy and quick process if you are more than 18 years old. Click here and select I am an Vendor. Fill up the simple form with your details – your bio data, small description of work and ten sample images with tentative pricing. Our evaluator will check your portfolio and then let you know about our future partnership with you .Once you’ve submitted a registration request, it will take us 1 week to get back to you over your registered email.

Artdunia reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Account if any information provided during the registration process or thereafter proves to be inaccurate, not current or incomplete. You are responsible for safeguarding your password. You agree not to disclose your password to any third party and to take sole responsibility for any activities or actions under your Account, whether or not you have authorized such activities or actions. You will immediately notify Artdunia of any unauthorized use of your Account.

What is the criteria for registration?

Artdunia sees your Art from a buyer’s perspective to evaluate your art for style, technique, vision and most importantly ingeniousness of your Art in the market at the time you apply. As Artefact collectors , Interior designers , Home Decor Artists ,Exhibitionists from around the world are our potential viewers and buyers, we look for artworks which are both meaningful and collectible to placate our target customers. We only indulge in artists who are indigenous.

Can artists living outside of India register?

Artdunia is a transparent and open for all platform. However currently we are not accepting application from artists outside of India.

If I register with Artdunia, may I also register elsewhere?

Yes. However which art is posted in Artdunia website, can’t be sold in anywhere else. If Artdunia came across any such incident, it can take legal action.

How many artworks can I upload?

Artdunia authorizes its partner artists for complete control over the sale of their artwork. One can upload as many new artworks as he/she wants which will be pass through Artdunia filter process and will displayed to customers within 24 hours. Only your original artworks are accepted for sale. Digitally printed art works are not acceptable for sale and can call for legal action against the seller if fraudulent attempts are made .

Who should I contact with more questions?

In you need any help or suggestion please feel free to email us at and we’ll do our level best to provide you with the help needed.

Pricing and Promotion

How will you market my art?

Artdunia encourages promoting the work of its partner artists by leveraging its market position in more different ways than one, through PR, Digital Marketing, creating views for the seller/Artists’ pages and talking about the art on Social Media channels. We put our best foot forward to ensure that all the artworks are showcased to the exact right audience, and in the pertinent manner possible .

On our site itself, we may select you (Artist) to have you as Artist of the Week, send you invitation to exhibitions, and your art may be selected by our Guest curators to feature in our internal assortments . Apart from this we also run promotions and discounts schemes for our collectors and buyers. With this being said we would only emphasis on the fact that the best advertising we have is your art itself, so upload all your new works of art as soon as possible on our site and share ‘making of your artwork’ videos with us through mail if you have. And also make sure to title and have suitable description to them as well.

How should I set the prices for my work?

Seller / Artists are allowed to set their prices on Artdunia considering the fact that they are aware how their pricing on art will directly impact the sales they will have on Artdunia. Here we are putting out a few ways to determine the price of your artwork

  1. Compare art: Before deciding a price of artwork the seller is advised to compare it with the price earned by similar works (style, medium, dimensions etc) in the existing market. Make sure to check for the prices of artworks sold, and not for the prices asked by artists.
  2. Price by cost: One can always estimate the cost of the materials , time , effort put into the creation of a work of art and decide the price on that. However, do a quick comparison as suggested before fixating on a price.

Do remember to account for the Artdunia commission and couriering costs into your asking price. In addition, our marketing experts will advise you from time to time on deciding the right pricing of your art . Consistency is the most important thing to remember about pricing your artwork. One who is a collector of arts should always be able to look at your assemblage of works and find the logic behind pricing of a certain piece of art at a certain rate, otherwise it would create complication for the collector to justify the purchase to himself/herself!

What happens if a work is not sold for a long time?

There is often an undeniable possibility of an artwork not being within 6 months of its listing on our site. In such cases , we urge you to remove the previous listing proactively, or review, freshen your portfolio with newer brushed-up artworks. Despite of making quality checks on the images uploaded tough and stringent ,you may find some artwork unsold because of the image uploaded not being the best representation of that artwork on the site .Seller / Artist can always re-shoot and re-upload a fresh image after removing existing listing of previous images If they believe this may make a difference .

How will I be informed of the sale of my work?

Seller / Artist will be informed of the sale of their artwork over email ,SMS and on the contact details provided to us at the time of registration. It is thence, essential to be reachable to the Artdunia team. Please provide alternate numbers , also provide the number of a family member or a friend in a case we need to reach you in an emergency.

There is also a ‘Notification’ bar on your dashboard where the details of all the artworks you’ve sold will pop-up. So keep logging in to Artdunia to update your notifications.

What if I don’t receive a notification?

Artdunia endeavours to keep our partner artists updated at all times . We will try to reach you multiple times, both over email and SMS once an artwork that you upload is sold. If there is a sale of your work, and you are not contactable for over 48 hours, we will unfortunately have to cancel the order. This directly affects our reputation and yours as well , which is against our policies ,so it is absolutely essential to be always reachable to the Artdunia team.


When will I get payments for my work?

Seller/Artist will receive payment within one month of the buyer confirming that he/she has received the artwork in pristine condition. Remember, that payments will be processed only after confirmation on the site/ by email/ by call from the buyer to our executives that they are satisfied with the delivery and the condition of the delivered Artwork . These payments will be sent to your registered bank account, so do keep your bank account and PAN details updated at all times!

I want to change my bank account, how do I do that?

One can modify any of the account / bank details in his/her profile with us. Just log in and edit anytime. You’ll also receive a confirmation email and SMS once this is done and verified .

Photographing and Uploading

How do I photograph my work?

The photograph / image uploaded of the artist’s artwork is the only reference / showcase the buyer has before finalizing the artwork to buy . This is why it is essential to upload the image that truly represents the soul of the Art the artist has created.

Simplest way of photographing your artwork. Using any digital camera that supports 1920 x 1920 pixel to photograph your work.

  1. Shoot : Setting up your artwork completely upright – stretching out a canvas or a painting up against a wall; placing sculptures on an even, clean, light surface one can start off with the shoot. Taking photos in bright, soft light and making sure images aren’t too dark or too light. While taking photo of paintings or other art, make sure that camera is parallel to the artwork, and keep minimal space around the object you’re shooting to get a large, clear image and ensure no shadow is projected on the Artwork .While taking photos of sculptures, shoot multiple photos from varying angles so the buyer can get a view of different angle of the artwork.Ensuring that the camera flash isn’t visible in the image as the reflection of the flash obscures the view of the artwork.
  2. Edit : While editing, keep it simple, and as close to the original as possible. Resolution should not be less 1920 x 1920 pixel to ensure a perfect visual experience for the potential customer and at least 200 dpi to enable open edition prints. Making sure that you crop all edges from the image, and not to include any frames or mounts on a painting.Remember,  image should conform to these specifications to be accepted on our site and to make sure this you should follow these guidelines while shooting and editing.
  3. Upload : Artdunia provides you a easy drag and drop option to upload the image of your art. This option can be found in your login/ dashboard section of our site.
What should be the size of the images I upload on the site?

Your artwork’s image resolution should be minimum of 1920 x 1920 pixel for best viewing experience of our potential buyer.

Packing and Couriering

Who has to courier the work to the buyer?

Artdunia is liable for arranging courier pickups from seller/artists’ place at their convenience and sending it to buyers’ mentioned address.

What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?

Since the Artists will be packing , dispatching their artwroks themselves for couriering , it is their responsibility to ensure that the product is packaged professionally and carefully. However buyers raising a complaint or claiming for refund for any inadvertent damage caused to the artwork while in transit are expected to contact us, so that we can evaluate the damage , arrange for the return of the artwork to the Artist as well as a full refund for the buyer.

Can you give me the complete guidelines to packing my artwork?

Packaging of your artwork neatly and professionally leaves a good impression on the buyer and also reduces the chances of any impairment during dispatching. For neat professional packaging of your artwork, you’ll need the following essential material

  1. Butter Paper
  2. Bubble Wrap/Thermocol
  3. Sealant like cellotape brown packing tape
  4. Masking tape
  5. A container for the painting – a tube for a roll, and a crate for framed/stretched artwork.
Here’s how you should pack your art.
  1. Ensuring of the fact that paintings are completely dry and ready to be in mobile state for delivery before packing them. Finding out The correct amount of drying time for each piece of art before packing and keeping some extra days as a buffer.
  2. As any material coming in contact with the surface of the painting could potentially render it damaged a layer of butter paper on the painted surface should be applied.
  3. Using the correct types of packing paper such as butter paper as the first layer between the painting and any packing material such as bubble wrap or newspaper. DO NOT use printed paper, newspaper, or anything printed with ink to make the first layer protection of packaging.
  4. Now rolling the canvas/ paper and covering it in a layer of bubble wrap for protection from moisture.
  5. Inserting this roll into a PVC or Cardboard tube and sealing it from both ends.
  6. In case of sending the artwork as stretched or framed, securing the glass by adhering masking tape in a cross across the glass.
  7. Now covering the package in a layer of bubble wrap, while giving special attention to the edges. In final processing placing the product in a wooden crate with a thermocol layer protection on all sides, sealing it for dispatch and courier .
Should I courier it framed or rolled?

It is always recommended to courier it rolled to minimize the chances of impairment while in transit.. However, if a painting is framed well and you don’t wish to remove it from the frame, you may consider couriering it as is keeping every aspect of dispatch and delivery in head . Artdunia however, recommends you to reach for our packing guidelines and adhere to them before packing artworks and framing painting.

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