Artdunia For Artists

What is Artdunia?

Artdunia is intending to be the trailblazer art entity in the country and world by bringing forth a sustainable bridge between artists, and collectors, dealers, galleries, home decor designer, interior designer, resellers. The ingenious leading edge Art Portal and state of the art user experience backed by some astounding analytics, is meant for changing the way art is perceived and promoted in the country and world.

How do I sell on Artdunia?

Selling on Artdunia is as simple as it can possibly get. If you are an artist creating artworks or seller aspiring to sell artworks of other indigenous Artists that we may like and validate on our site and we believe, our collectors and potential customers will like then you can sell them on Artdunia in 4 simple steps.

STEP 1: Sign Up

Just apply to join us as a partner artist where you need to provide your basic details and a bio-data to start with, along with 10 sample works attachment in the specific section. Our Curator team will evaluate your application and let you know if we can highlight your artwork on Artdunia.

STEP 2: Photograph and upload your art

Take a high quality image of your Art with resolution not less than 1920 x 1920 pixel – just like the others on our site, and upload it with all the relevant details. You can price your art depending on the various aspects of labor put into and always choose to refer to Artdunia pricing and promotions guidelines to a justifiable rate on your Artwork. Artdunia will promote your art for you showcasing your art to the right buyers and collectors using data analytics, advertising.

STEP 3: Pack and Courier

When a customer buys your artwork, you will be informed right away about this through contact details provided by you to us. After that, all you are required to do is to pack and courier your Artwork for dispatch. Please head over to our Packing and Couriering guidelines for basic specifications of neat and professional packaging.

STEP 4: Receive Payment

Artdunia is dedicated to the empowerment of Artists from farthest corners of India and world. Artdunia believes in transparency, fulfillment of both buyer and seller and prompt payment.  You will receive your payment within one month of confirmation from the buyer of total satisfaction with the Artwork he/she is paying for.

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