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Artdunia is intending to be the trailblazer art entity in the country and world by bringing forth a sustainable bridge between artists, and collectors, dealers, galleries, home decor designer, interior designer, resellers. The ingenious leading edge Art Portal and state of the art user experience backed by some astounding analytics, is meant for changing the way art is perceived and promoted in the country and world.

Here at Artdunia we believe that there is a smarter way to discover and purchase genuine artwork with Artdunia. Our elite and excellent team of art enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are devoted to nurturing Art and making the art-buying experience pleasurable, leisurely and affordable.

We are also committed to providing services of art in accordance with your need, like art on the theme of your choice, song, or story you provide to us. In addition, you can be affirmed of the best work of art to be delivered at your doorstep. Trying to do this on you own can only lead you to dissatisfaction. So rely on Artdunia.

Real Art from Real Artists

Own something authentically special

In the era of mass-produced consumer durables and plagiarized means of entertainment and pleasure it has become tough to find genuinely unique creations to which we have a personal connection. Artdunia endeavours to bring forth some amazing authentic creations of Art that would reignite the passion for decade and centuries old intricate genuine Artwork from the farthest corner of our planet .One simple glance at these exclusive pieces of Art is enough to elevate style , Gallery and home interior of any individual.  When you purchase an Artdunia certified original work of art on Artdunia, you can be affirmed that no one else in the world has something exactly like it in his/her possession . Have you wondered How many other things that you own you can say the same about ?

Express yourself

All our lives we strive to make our identity distinctly separate from others. These authentic art forms bring about one such opportunity where we can show our own unique Identity through our distinct tastes in the original forms of Art to the entire world . Your friends and family gets the first-hand opportunity to experience the art you choose to hang in your home or on your office wall.

Support Artists

When a work of art is purchased on Artdunia, it directly encourages and supports artists , their local economy and their Heritage at the same time. It is your passion for distinct genuine Art that pushes artists to continue to bring their astounding works to the world and get the taste of accomplishment in doing what they love and live to do all the while making the world a more fascinating place.

Shop with Confidence

100% Buyer Assistance Guarantee

This is our confidence on the Works of Art that we guarantee assistance on all purchases made on our site. In case you find any damage or impairment occurred to the Artwork at the time of delivery you simply need to send us a message (email or call to us) in first 12 hours. You can be rest assured that our team will lead you to the solution at the earliest. Our team will collect the Artwork from you if needed and deliver it after resolving the issue without any questions asked. There is no extra or hidden cost on it if you are within India. The Pick-up address should be same as the delivery address.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each work of art comes with a signed certificate of authenticity along with signature of the creator/artist over the art.

Quality and Excellence of Artists

All the artists whose work of art you see on Artdunia have been thoroughly screened to meet the high standards we have on Artdunia. We put in maximum effort to ensure that artists have quality work with quality images (Digital Representation Of Work Of Art) and complete profiles so you can be surefooted and confident in the work of art you are choosing to buy.


When you choose to buy a work of art on Artdunia, you are completely aware of exactly how much you are going to spend, who the artist is, and what the Artwork is all about. No more “mystery” trying to figure out if you can afford a certain work of art.

Committed Customer Service

Artdunia is committed to make sure every customer/buyer on Artdunia has only the best experience. In case you need any assistance, our team is only an email or phone call away.

Value, Selection, Convenience

Amazing Value for Money

Many people believe that finding and buying genuine Artwork is beyond their reach but nothing could be farther from the truth. Buying directly from artists and galleries from around the world on the Artdunia marketplace sees to it that you are getting the value for your money. Why spend hundreds of bucks on prints or reproductions when you can possess astounding genuine artworks for almost same price!

Unparalleled Selection

With the collection of over 1000 unparalleled multifarious original works of art from various artists in India and world you are certain to find just the right piece of artwork that you identify with. The Artwork that suits your style, personality, and budget is just a click away.


Being an online marketplace Artdunia makes purchasing artwork really convenient. You can browse a huge and diverse range of styles of artwork to buy just the right work of art in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home. Trying to do this by scouting galleries or art fairs could take days or months and even then you still might not be sure enough to find just the right work of art for you. Artdunia cuts short this whole taxing process for you and brings you exactly what you want.

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